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Choosing the Right Sofa for Your Home

16 October 2015

Wade Upholstery Lucia Retro Style 2 Seater Sofa

Over the years the role of the sofa in our homes has changed considerably. During the 18th and mid-19th century the sofa was a piece of occasional furniture, found in the drawing room of lavish country houses and used as a place to withdraw to after a meal. Nowadays the sofa and the living room are at the heart of almost every home. It is a place from which to relax, entertain, eat your dinner or just enjoy your favourite TV series at the end of a long day.

Given that it is possible to spend anywhere up to £10,000 on a good quality sofa, you want to be confident that the investment you are making is going on a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time. So as you browse an online catalogue or local furniture shop, how do you go about choosing the right sofa for your home?

On average the price of a sofa will begin at around £300, but ask yourself this – just how good is the quality likely to be? If the price tag is barely enough to cover the cost of the fabric it’s made from, how much care and craftsmanship is going to have gone into creating what lies beneath it. We have therefore brought together some of our best pieces of advice for sourcing a sofa that will continue to look great for many years to come.

  • Find Out More About The Manufacturer: Visit any reputable furniture supplier and they should be able to tell you everything you need to know about the sofa you are considering – right down to where and how it was manufactured.
  • Inspect The Frame Of The Sofa: It may be comfortable enough to sit on for five minutes in the showroom, but remember that a good sofa should last a lifetime. Examine the frame behind the cushions – if it is thin and flimsy you may not be getting the quality you expect. A high standard frame will be glued and dowelled, offering excellent durability and longevity.
  • Consider The Size Of Your Living Room: When viewed in a large and spacious showroom, a large three seater sofa may look just the ticket. However, get it home and into your considerably smaller living room and it could end up completely dominating the space you have available.
  • Inspect The Cushions: The cushions are going to be the difference between a comfortable sofa and something that feels like a park bench. It therefore pays to examine what the cushions are produced from. A good high density foam will keep its shape for a longer and require less plumping than a feather cushion.

It is easy to be drawn into buying a sofa by a limited time discount or interest free credit offer, but our belief is that your purchasing decision should always be based on quality. Invest in good a good quality sofa and it will last you for years.

You can find many of the beautiful sofas we currently have in stock here. If you would like advice choosing your next sofa, feel free to get in touch - you can give us a tinkle on 01924 950599 or drop by the showroom in Fitzwilliam.